Sapphire stone

Before discussing the characteristics of sapphire stone and its meanings, let us first mention that sapphire belongs to a group of four stones is that are most expensive in the world including Grandidierite, diamonds, and emeralds and of course, together with sapphire stone. In this stone there are several meanings, including protection and the wisdom of the Prophet, where it is an extraordinary crystallization that can determine the fate of man. It is believed to enhance the sense of joy, faith, hope and protection from evils during long journeys. Apart from its other advantages, it brings light and peace and opens the mind cells to aesthetic and intuitive understanding. It is believed that sapphire stone has the ability to maintain the degree of hope required to realize our buried desires and dreams one day.

Sapphire color

The sapphire colors are blue, purple, green, yellow and even black. Sometimes it is transparent, colorless, with a silky glow.


Where the sapphire stone is located

The most beautiful samples of sapphire can be found in several places, including Sri Lanka, Thailand, India, Burma, Madagascar, Australia and finally in Brazil. If the rubies are from Burma, they are more expensive than sapphires from Ceylon or Madagascar. This is due to their wonderful blue color. The sapphire that comes from India is the rarer among all other regions and because of its scarcity it is the most expensive. Due to the ruby ​​deposits in this unique spot in the world, it has been depleted for a long time.

Composetion of sapphire stone

Aluminum oxide is the chemical formula for the formation of sapphire stone, which means that this stone is practically made of aluminum oxide ie alumina. The hardness of the sapphire is the largest in the mineral world, as it reaches 9 of 10 on the scale of Moss.

The sapphire stone is a different form of aluminum oxide, which makes the structure of this outer stone almost identical to the structure of the exhalation stone. There are no differences between them except in the small amounts of additional atoms called the impurities that integrate themselves into the aluminum oxide material and change many of the sapphire properties against the exhalation stone. The color is among those characteristics where the sapphire color comes from the distinctive iron and titanium impurities as scientists believe. In this particular case, one electron falls from the iron atoms and falls into the titanium atom. The electron is then able to absorb red energy from within the spectrum and thus transmits frequencies from blue to purple from the light spectrum effectively. Here is exactly what makes sapphire stone the most famous and distinctive blue color.

As for the other colors, it is believed that the materials produced by the mixture of iron and chrome. The individual is often able to see the rutile positions in the sapphire stone under the magnifying glass, unlike the Rutile quartz stone, where the rutile needles can be seen under the naked eye.


Characteristics of therapeutic sapphire stone and metaphysics

Sapphire stone necklace
The benefits of wearing a sapphire stone necklace
Sapphire stone is estimated to direct therapeutic energies to all that is needed and even without the conscious participation of the recipients of those energies and that participation is a kind of manifestations that resemble high internal and independent intelligence rates.

Traditionally, Moses gave a list of ten commandments on a sapphire-shaped plate, making the precious sapphire stone one of the most sacred stones among the rest of the precious semi-precious stones.

As a result of these divine characteristics, sapphire stone is a kind of divine stone desired by many kings, aristocracy, and high priests. In some countries sapphire is included in the composition of the sapphire. For example, the British crown is filled with large blue sapphires. As well as a symbol of purity and wisdom. Logan Sapphire is one of Sri Lanka’s largest known sapphire stones.
Blue sapphire stone is associated with astrology by Saturn, while yellow sapphires are associated with the Jupiter planet. According to the teachings of this ancient knowledge, pure stones are the best precious stones used to expand the beneficial properties of the planets. Not only pure stones, but also the use of impurities and transparent stones. In fact it is difficult to find such stones especially if you do not want to pay a large sum of money.

Sapphire stone is often known as the Stone of Destiny, where it achieves intellectual purity and correct thought. It was said to bring material independence and bring material abundance. On the other hand, sapphires represent the symbol of sincerity in faith.
From the point of view of science and metaphysical practice, we should divide the sapphire stone into two categories.

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The first category is the light blue sapphire, which can be successfully used to balance the fifth chakra. As for the second category is sapphire dark blue is specialized in opening the sixth chakra. So if you are considering using sapphire stone, whether light blue or dark, you should distinguish the difference between them.